• September 16, 2013
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Work in progress
Prototypes: website, video, iPhone (iPod Touch), brick, duct tape, clear packing tape, zip ties, velcro, rubber bands, bungee cords, twine, rope
Dimensions: approximately 3 x 4 x 8"

Brickr investigates relationships between the structural violence of gentrification and the threat of violence in response.  Drawing from my own rage at the rapid gentrification of many San Francisco neighborhoods brought on by the influx of tech sector capital—and discussions among friends about wanting to throw bricks through the windows of businesses that appear to promote wealth inequality rather than serving their local constituents—the piece purposefully offers a more aestheticized, jaded, and problematic response to those impulses.

Brickr further engages the California Ideology’s drive towards tech-based solutions for all social issues in a parody of a platform designed to promote “free speech.”  It also suggests a generalized apathy toward confrontational politics and gestures at the ineffectiveness of digital interventions.